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Sticks of cotton candy
Patyczki do szaszłyków
Patyczki do manicure

Sticks of cotton candy

Pack of 200 pieces in packaging. Popular size is: thickness of 4 mm, length 40 cm.


Standard dimension is the thickness of 4 mm, length 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm. We can also do the sticks of different lengths.

Manicure Sticks

Standard size is 12cm, thickness of 4 mm.

About us

Welcome to our website. We manufacture a large range of wood products.

We have been on the market since 1890. Due to the rapid development of the market, increasing customer demands, increase their expectations in 2008 the company has been thoroughly modernized. At the beginning we produce round sticks of cotton candy and lollipops. Over time we have expanded the range of its products. Now we produce sticks of different types of trees, such as: beech, spruce, hornbeam. Our company has expanded its product range.

tel.: +48 507 731 984

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Patyczki do wyrobów rzeźniczych
Patyczki do kwiatów
Patyczki do lodów

Sticks of slaughterhouse

Butchers flocks, wooden pins, pins with wood-packed 1000sztuk, size: 4cm/3mm.

Flower sticks

Used to support flowers - Standard size is 50cm, thickness 5mm.

Sticks for ice

Standard size is 140mm, thickness 6mm.

Patyczki do lizaków
Kije, Sztyle

Lollipop sticks

Sample size 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, size for individual customer orders.


Sized 70mm / 3mm.

Sticks, dagger

Spar to the flag-standard sizes: 16mm to 21 mm, length from 80cm to 200cm.

Patyki do klatek dla ptaków
Kije, sztyle do mioteł
Kołki meblowe gładki i ryflowane

Sticks to cages for birds, pigeon targets

Pigeon targets- standard 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.

Sticks, dagger for brooms

Brushes, shovels, hammers, shovels snow, rakes, dimensions from 16mm to 45 mm.

Pins smooth and corrugated furniture

Packed in 10kg packs, size from 5mm to 16mm.

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